ISOframe Fabric

Ideal for shell scheme or freestanding stands, this silicone-edged tension fabric system is extremely portable and with the exclusive fastclamp, gives a tool-free assembly, making it faster to build than conventional tension fabric frameworks.

There’s something about this fabric printed stands that’s unexpected.

Could it be the tool-less assembly? Yes, that is unusual, but it’s not just that.

Perhaps it’s the fact you can self-build this stand with the unique fastclamp? Again, yes, you wouldn’t expect a fabric stand to pop up in minutes like we can see in the video above. But, no, we don’t think the unexpected stops there.

The unexpected comes from all of these things combining together. Imagine having these continuous fabric graphics setting you apart from the stand next door, whilst also building it faster and easier than those neighbours too.

Oh, and there’s one last thing that’ll surprise you and the exhibitors around you. This fabric stand can carry integrated backlit graphics - just to help you shine that little bit more.

Embrace the unexpected. Embrace ISOframe Fabric.