ISOframe Wave

The ISOframe Wave uses our patented ‘Flexi-link’ technology to provide modular and flexible panels that can be attached together and form any shape; adding or removing panels enables you to reduce or enlarge the stand to suit your exhibition space.

Ideal for self-building, the ISOframe Wave can be easily transported by car and assembled without tools. The innate strength of the framework enables you to personalise the stand to your needs with a range of accessories including shelving, counters and media screens.

Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and extremely user-friendly, ISOframe Wave is the first portable exhibition system that can be formed into any shape.

You can extend or reduce the display without reprinting graphics, and the system will fit into a car making it a perfect solution for the self build exhibitor.

The patented Flexi-wave link leaves the system total flexibility and a wide range of modules are available to suit your requirements including tables, shelves, media-screens and merchandising units.

Illustrative stands courtesy of the manufacturer: