Portable Stands Introduction

"The humble roller banner. We offer 27 different models! All covered in the catalog but if you would like advice please give me a call.*

"Modulate™ is a breakthrough in display solutions with its innovative (patent pending) 360° Maglink connection system. Concealed within the aluminium tubular frame, multiple frames can be connected at any angle for infinite display configurations, without the need for tools or fiddly connectors.

New (patent pending) feet add stability ensuring your display is beautiful whichever way you look at it."


"The humble pop-up stand. Curved or straight. Multiple connected frames of individual. For 20 years this stand has been king of the exhibition booth. I sold my first system back in the mid 90's. Then the price was over £2,000, how times have changed!"

Pop-up stands

"The latest development to sweep through the display industry is digital dye-sublimation printing to Polyester cloth The largest single piece graphic we offer is 9m x 2.4m. No joins and surprisingly economic."

ISOframe fabric

"Stands that can be configured by bending the frame once it is fully erected. This only happened in dreams until recently. ISO frame is leading the way in this regard."

ISOframe wave

"We don't just use the dye-sublimation printer to print to cloth, there is a material we can print to with built in diffuser, ideal for back illuminated images. The Linear LED lightbox is the most talked about exhibit in the showroom."

Linear Lightbox

"We offer a selection of standard counters, as shown here though many of counters we sell are customised to best match a customers requirement." 

Display Counters

"If I can put it up you certainly can"

Gordon Robinson